Television children creativity contest

The First Television Contest

"Formula Uspeha" is unique in many of its aspects. One of them was a wonderful possibility given to every participant. Each of the kids taking part in the contest could record their performance to be broadcasted on TV for the entire Perm Region to see. Also, on the 6th of June the participants had the stage of the Perm State Opera and Ballet Theatre all for themselves! An honor which is not usually granted to just any grown-up artist. Children rehearsed in the theatre's dressing rooms, rode the "artists' elevator" and ate at the canteen. Some of them have even managed to get lost on one of the theatres many halls! One of the "young explorers" was found only half an hour later on the balcony of the second floor, where he, as he had put it, was "taking some air", After the rescue the door of the balcony was firmly shut.

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06 августа
Summer as a life of its own
30 июля
One Day in the Life of Winners
10 июня
The Finals
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