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06 августа

Summer as a life of its own

2007-2008 year in the Perm Region has been celebrated with the First Television Contest "Formula Uspeha". More than 200 young musicians from all over the region took part in the contest. 12 winners were chosen from the 32 finalists who have taken part in the final concert in the Perm State Opera and Ballet Theatre. Among other presents awarded to young musicians were was a certificate granting a right to take part in creative Summer School in Demidkovo Sanatorium.

The First Creative Summer School for the winners of the television contest "Formula Uspeha" has been held this summer in the Demidkovo Sanatorium. 12 young musicians, aged 8 to 14, have been enjoying themselves in one of the most beautiful places of the Perm region - Demidkovo Sanatorium - for a whole week. The organizers of the school have managed to bring together the Spirit of Summer and with the Spirit of real Creativity for theirs and children'!s mutual delight.

A Child and a Domra

On July 24 honored artist of Russia, art-director of Russian folk-instruments quartet, Andrei Zgogurin, paid a visit to the children. He has held a master-class "Domra and Balalaika - what are they?"Instead of the common lecture he has shared with the kids wonderful stories he knows about the abovementioned instruments. Everyone knows that once upon a time balalaika was a one of the best-loved instruments for peasants and traveling actors, they used to play it on every holiday occasion. However, not so many people are aware of the fact that in the 18th century Tsar Aleksey Michaylovich has issued an order to collect and burn all the instruments of that kind (domras, balalaikas, trumpets, gusli).

Those who disobeyed the order and would not give up their instruments should have been whipped and sent in exile to Malorossia. The children were surprised to learn that the history of such an innocent looking instrument could be so tragic. They were also happy to learn that aside from the usual domra there is also a domra-child, domrishka. As an illustration to this story Mr. Zgogurin has demonstrated an 85 year old domra, an instrument which is at least 6 times older than the oldest participant of the contest! At the end of the class the children had a chance to have their first balalaika lesson -the most successful of them was Anna Alekseeva, accordion player.

Summer, Day, City

On the next day young musicians were visited by the art-scholar Julia Borisovna Tavrizyan. She has told them about how the greatest cities on earth were build and presented a slide show with the unique projects of cities of the future which had never been brought to life. She has also asked the children to build a model of their dream city using all the materials they can find. Markers, crayons, colored paper, even fir cones were used. It turned out, everyone had his own view of the city of the future. Katya Scherstnyakova and Tanya Mazunina have built a city of flowers, Ildar Nabiullin, Anya Alekseeva and Volodya Petrushkin -fantastic city, Vasya Egovtsev - a calm city full of greenery. It was a lot of fun to watch how the kids, admitting they have not crafted anything for ages, snatched colorful bricks of plasticine and rushed off to start working. Later all of the works have been exhibited the foyer of the Demidkovo Sanatorium Entertainment Center.

Happy Hands

"Fashion and Music" - that was how the new master class was titled. Irina Yuryevna Filichkina was one of the guests who visited children in Demidkovo. The girls were excited and the boys a bit wary about it -what will it be? A lecture on music or a chat about the latest fashion trends? It was neither. First of all Mrs. Filichkina demonstrated some of the dresses she designed for her collection "First Violin". Those who have been present on the official defile still remember wonderful transformations undergone by the instrument-cases -they changed into delicate dresses in a matter of moments!

The children were excited by this magic, especially those, who have won in the "String Instruments" nomination. Lisa Sitsina and Anya Alekseeva were glad to have an occasion to try the dresses on. As the next part of the class, Mrs. Filichkina has asked the children to design their own t-shorts. A lot of applications, paste and pictures -and here we are, common t-shorts -transformed. As the final touch all the t-shorts have been labeled as a part of the special collection designed together by Irina Filichkina and the participants of the "Formula Uspeha" contest.

Portrait of the Artist as Young Man

On the 28th of June one of the most active classes has been held. The Scholl was visited by Viktor Afanasyevich Ilyev, honored artist of Russia, professor, director. He has engaged the children in an active psychological training, demonstrating how to find a contact with the audience. He has also demonstrated some exercises which help to ease the "blocks" musicians have in the course of their long practices. The children promised to perform these exercises daily - the same exercises are taught to the students of the Perm State Art and Culture Institute, because to be become a real Artist having a Gift is simply not enough -one has to know how to shape and exercise it.

Gala Concert

During their stay in Demidkovo the children used to wear badges with the logotype "Formula Uspeha" and gradually all the guests of the Sanatorium learned that there were young musicians living right beside them. That is why there was no surprise that the concert, held on Friday in the Meeting House of the Sanatorium was attended by almost everyone working or staying at Demidkovo. Let us hear their own impressions:

"Of course I knew these guys were musicians. But it is one thing to meet them everyday on the beach or during walks and quite another to see them all dressed up, on stage of the Meeting House and to learn how talented they are! Sonya, who sang a song about how hard it is to study at school and Volodya, accordion player were the most memorable of all" (Raisa Maksimovna, retired).

"I have expected to see some kind of school talent club and was treated to the performance of real professionals instead. I liked it very very much. I am delighted! My son has entered the university this year and I can only regret that he had never studied music. I will wait for my grandchildren to start!" (Nikita Sergeevich, engineer).

And the Sun was shining...

Gala concert, master-classes, daily music practice? And what have the children done in their free time? Every morning started with the walk to the swimming pool, were kids swam and visited an artificial salt cave. After lunch they were free to do what they liked -someone played football, someone visited the shooting gallery and someone went bowling, dancing or cycling. There was also a beach nearby and only the last day of their stay has been cold, so the kids have swum and sun-bathed as much as they liked. One of the most popular entertainments was horse-riding. Demidkovo Sanatorium is famous for its health treatments and children were welcome to take pearl baths and inhalations. No one wanted to go back home - who wants to leave the summer fairy tale?

If you want your child to be among the next 12 winners, we are inviting him or her to take part in the next contest which is to take place in September. You can apply on the phone 248-47-36 and find out all the details on the Web:

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Svetlana Muchina