Television children creativity contest


30 июля

One Day in the Life of Winners

Creative Summer School for winners of the First Television contest "Formula Uspeha" opened on the 23rd of June in Demidkovo Sanatorium. Young musicians and singers are to spend seven days away from the busy city life and their parents, performances and practices. They will enjoy the most unusual vacations - creative sabbatical.

Right on Time

During their stay in Summer School kids will live in the atmosphere of Creativity, their work and free time supervised by famous public figures and professionals from Perm. Just to meet people like that is already an achievement of its own, but the children will have a unique chance to participate in workshops, organized by professional singers, musicians, art-critics and designers. The workshops will be conducted by the art-director of the "Karavay" consort Oleg Zgogurin, art-scholar Julia Tavrizyan, designer Irina Filichkina and professor Viktor Ilyev.

The children have a very tight timetable, but despite that the atmosphere they live in is decidedly resort-like. It has been possible to hold this Summer School in Demidkovo Sanatorium thanks to Perm Financial and Industrial Group and its chief-director Evgeny Pegushin. Charming Ural weather, comfort and beauty of Demidkovo Sanatorium and its surroundings have made this creative school a real holiday for the kids, where everything has its time - studying, playing and just having fun.

If you want to be healthy, you must go in for sports

You would thing musicians and singers to be not very athletic. Try saying that to any of the winners of the "Formula Uspeha" contest! Every day they have a different sports timetable: bowling on Wednesday, sailing on Saturday... Even on their first day the kids managed to set a few new records, amusing the guests of the Sanatorium greatly. Lesha Kasansky along with Vasya Egovtcev have won a game of ping-pong, triumphing over the whole international delegation. Vladimir Petrushkin, carried away by the Football euphoria, raging in the entire world, has joined local football team.

And what about the beach! Every girl-participant of the project has turned out not only to be perfect swimmer, but also gymnast, runner and even... yogi! Here, for example, is Nastya Petrovyh, who, with an elaborate turban on her head, sits on a sun-bed in a lotus pose. And here, having thrown her leg over her ear, she demonstrated her wonderful flexibility. (see photo for details). Do we even have to mention, that after such antics the kids' appetite was really wolfish and some of them even managed to eat more than 4 helpings at lunch? The food here is really delicious, so - no wonder!

Water Music

After lunch there was a walk undertaken. After having seen the embankment the kids' impressions were quite similar: "It is just like in Sochi!", they said. Even Lesha Kazansky, who has traveled to Thailand, has approved of it. Sandy beach with sun-beds, white boats sailing by, warm water and cheerful company - who could have thought that all this could be found less than two hours away from the city! The children were not allowed to stay on the beach long (everyone knows how dangerous could a simple cold be for a singing voice), so the fun was even more intensive for its shortness. Some just laid in the sun, some went to the playground, some built sand castles and some just looked for magic stones with holes - they are said to bring luck. On the evening the kids were happy to compare their newly acquired sun tan, even though some of the sand from the beach has also found its way back to their rooms.

Love and Friendship

The kids have met one another during the contest and while there was a competition going on there was, of course, no possibility of real friendship. One could, however, witness its birth on the very first day of the Summer School. 9 year old Lisa Sintsina and 8 year old Sofya Gundina were given the same room (all of the children live in cozy double rooms) and after only a few hours have exchanged their phone numbers and declared to be "Friends forever!" Now you could see them on the play ground, in the sports room, on the beach and in the canteen - it does not matter there, they are always together. And that is how it is - the main component of the magic formula of success is not only a profession chosen, but also a friendship found and gained.

Thank God it's Friday

No true artist can survive without demonstrating his talent. So there will be, of course, a gala concert! It will take place on Friday, July 27th. And if you will consider all the guests of the Sanatorium, who have asked who these kids might be, the Demidkovo Meeting House is to be packed! Everyone is invited to come - the programme will feature the performances with which young musicians earned their victory. And if you want to be among next 12 winners we invite you to take part in the next contest starting this September. You can apply on the phone 248-47-36 and find out all the details on the Web: Find your own Formula of Success!

Svetlana Muchina