Television children creativity contest


10 июня

The Finals

The First Television Contest "Formula Uspeha" is unique in many of its aspects. One of them was a wonderful possibility given to every participant. Each of the kids taking part in the contest could record their performance to be broadcasted on TV for the entire Perm Region to see. Also, on the 6th of June the participants had the stage of the Perm State Opera and Ballet Theatre all for themselves! An honor which is not usually granted to just any grown-up artist. Children rehearsed in the theatre's dressing rooms, rode the "artists' elevator" and ate at the canteen. Some of them have even managed to get lost on one of the theatres many halls! One of the "young explorers" was found only half an hour later on the balcony of the second floor, where he, as he had put it, was "taking some air", After the rescue the door of the balcony was firmly shut.

When I was a Kid...

Not all the participants of the contest have chosen music as their future profession. Many of them dream of becoming a politician, a banker or a producer and that is why on their way to music school they often think: "Do I really need all this?", So we have decided to ask famous people whether they have studied music as children and if this experience was of any use to them in their adult life.

Evgeny Sapiro, PhD, professor, former Russian Federation minister for Regional and National Policy:

- My musical carrier has started and ended in an unusual way. When I was starting my first year at school, my parents have bought me a piano (we were living in Makeevka, Donetsk Region at the time). They have bought it in March and in June the war started. So we left and the piano, of course, had to stay. In 1945 the war ended and the piano was moved to Chusovoy. It turned out that the piano was perfectly all right and has not suffered in any way (it was later found in some kind of German Cabaret). And so, when I was in the fifth grade, I have finally started playing.

Boris Milgram, art-director of the Perm State Drama Theatre, Minister of Culture of the Perm Region:

-When I was a kid, and was in the first grade, I badly wanted to play piano, but my family was very poor and we could not afford one. So my parents have found me a teacher, a lady, who lived nearby. I have played at her house a couple of times, but when she started giving me homework it was soon apparent that the whole idea did not make any sense. When my sister was a little bit older (she is 6 years younger than I am), she entered the music school and so the piano was finally bought. I was in the ninth grade at a time and so I said that I want to play as well. But I think now that it was rather late for such a decision. I had other interests at the time and it was so boring for me to play scales that lessons became a nuisance. My mother, who was rather stubborn, woke me up at 5 o'clock every morning to play. And so we have all suffered for several months till my father just could not take it anymore. That was how my musical education ended.

Oleg Chirkunov, Governor of the Perm Region:

- Unfortunately, I have seen that I have missed several things in my life rather late. Only when I was already an adult I understood how wonderful it could be to study singing, for example. And I would have, if I only not have become a governor. And now I will tell you, children, something I have never told any of the adults - I really regret never having learned to play the piano. And now, when I see my son playing, I really envy him, I do.

Each of this grown-up and successful people has their own musical experience. And as it turned out they are similar not only in being very successful, but also in their creative spirit. And that could be something to think of, on the way to school...


Every contest is like a sports competition where only one of the participants is destined to win (in our case - one in every nomination). Of course if the jury had the possibility they would have gladly awarded each and every young musician. But the rules must be obeyed and since someone is always a bit more hardworking, more convincing or just plain lucky this "just" has decided the fate of the Grand-Prix.

Choosing the prizes for the winners was not an easy task to perform. The organizers of the festival wanted the prizes to be not just nice souvenirs but something that could serve as one more step in developing the children's creative potential. That is why along with diplomas every winner got a special gift - special collection, consisting of a music book, limited edition DVD with the musical numbers performed for the contest, a trademark "Formula Uspeha" star figurine with the name of the winner etched on it, a certificate granting a right to take part in the Creative Summer School in Demidkovo Sanatorium. Young artists got easels and painter's cases, unique color-boxes specially delivered (with a help of Nadezgda Belyaeva (director of the Perm State Art Gallery) from Saint-Petersburg. But that was not all. There also would be a number of annual stipends paid to the winners of the contest in the year 2008 and 2009 thanks to the generous help of the festival's partners, Investment Group "Vitus" (for Mark Buloychik, Arina Zaikina, Vladimir Petrushkin).

This is a fine addition to some of the families' income for it will not only make them very proud of their child's creative achievements but also help them to afford education more easily. This monthly stipend could become a part of the payment for music or arts school, or a means to buy colors, music paper, CD's. Or, as the participants confessed, they could try and save money for "Something really big!" like going to a concert in Moscow - something Polina Vedmetskaya has long dreamed about. Aleksey Kasansky has not yet decided what would make him really happy but all the kids are sure - it is extremely pleasant to spend money, earned by your own gift!

On the 6th of June every finalist got his or her present. Now they can go to school carrying folders with the festival's logotype and hang on the wall their hard earned diplomas and certificates.

Aside from that, there were also several special prizes awarded. Deputies of the Perm Region Legislative Assembly, Andrey Alikin and Sergey Mitrofanov have awarded two prizes in the nomination "Folk Instruments". Arina Zaikina got a certificate for a treatment in one of the best image studious and Vladimir Petrushkin got a diploma, making his biggest dream come true - he is to travel to Moscow for a master-class with his favorite musician, Peter Dranga.

Plans for the Summer

Even after all the celebrations the festival is still not over. The winners will spend a whole week in Creative Summer School. They will swim and go bowling, sail and go to the cinema, take master-classes from the established art-critics, designers and musicians, go cycling and play tennis. It looks like "Success" - one of the key definitions of the festival - is going to remain with the participants long after the festival itself has come to an end. And for those who have not taken part in the festival this year we have some very good news - "Formula Uspeha" will come back in September 2008.

If you know children who sing, play piano or violin, draw - tell them about it! Let the entire Perm Region see how talented they are. You can apply on the phone 248-47-36 and find out all the details on the WEB:

Svetlana Muchina